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Dr. Langer - Our family name is the company name, and there is a good reason for it. Because we are proud to be part of what makes the German economy strong - family-owned and operated businesses. We have been around for two decades. Our values shape our company, and we can build on the strength and dedication of our employees.

Our clients know that we like nothing better than innovation and solving problems. New ideas and research projects are our bread and butter and key to our sustained success. We have secured many patents to protect our intellectual property. We are aiming high. Every day, we strive to make your life easier by making first-class innovative products and offering a reliable customer service. It is not always easy, but we keep at it because we are motivated to do our share for the future. We want our good name to be a household name – Dr. Langer Medical.


The Langer Family

25 Years Dr. Langer Medical

1996 - 2021

In 1996 Dr. Langer Medical GmbH was founded in Waldkirch as an "engineering office for computer science and medical technology". In addition to software solutions on behalf of well-known companies from industry and medical technology, systems for measuring multimodal physiological parameters in clinical research and complex interfaces for networking medical devices were developed before the turn of the millennium.

Seven years later, Dr. Langer Medical GmbH launched the TWISTER® product family, still known today, with its first neurostimulator for intraoperative use and preoperative epileptic diagnostics. In the same year 2003 the success story of the portable, fully equipped neuromonitors of the AVALANCHE® product family began. Colour screen, data storage, flexible applications, integrated thermal printer – nothing similar was available in this format for intraoperative neuromonitoring at that time. Its top highlight: the operation of all functions via touch screen, four years before the introduction of one of the most widely used smartphones to date.

Dr. Langer GmbH quickly became a valued partner in hundreds of clinics in Germany, and the interest of internationally active specialist distributors in the innovative products grew steadily. Today, the current models TWISTER® MM and AVALANCHE® SI 2 can be found in health care facilities around the globe in addition to the previous neuromonitors and neurostimulators. Our new multimodal 32-channel flagship AVALANCHE® PLUS is already well on the way to continuing this success story.

We are also breaking new ground together with our clinical research partners. Funded by the BMBF (German Research Society) since 2017, we are developing the next generation of neuromonitors for the identification and functional control of nerve structures in the area of the pelvic floor.

In addition to excellently qualified engineers, technicians and skilled workers, it is the friendly and competent nature of our entire team that accounts for our continued success over the past 25 years. We are your number one - that is our daily incentive. Under the slogan "the art of neuromonitoring", the devices and systems of Dr. Langer Medical GmbH demonstrate flexibility, cost efficiency and future-proofing, as confirmed by numerous experts from the health care and medical technology industries in Germany and abroad.



What you always wanted to know...

It is our aim to develop and manufacture high-quality medical products to high, customer-driven specifications. Safety for patients and users and the protection of the environment are paramount.

Promises are there to be kept. We do not offer any equipment, function or other services before we are able or allowed to deliver, even if that means that some potential customers will go elsewhere.

We work in partnership with our clients and do our best to give them honest, professional advice, going out of our way to ensure orders are delivered on time to the exact specifications. Building and maintaining a trust relationship with our customers is the keystone of our business.

As a large proportion of our business lies in export, we work closely with our sales partners and clients abroad, respecting and adapting to different cultures. We adhere to international business practice and have a non-discrimination policy.

We work in partnership with our suppliers and expect them to work just as professionally as our own staff. Any discrepancies in expectations are sorted out in a friendly, constructive atmosphere.

We aim to maintain an open and healthy company culture, in which a strong professional team may tirelessly seek new challenges, by respecting the individuality of each employee, striving to promote each one's abilities, and implementing a fair and appropriate system of evaluation and rewards.

We are continuously striving to add value to our assets through sensible and transparent management that is not only looking for profit, but also building adequate reserves. It has always been company policy to improve corporate governance and invest substantially in Research and Development in order to fulfil our clients' expectations in the future.


Studying for Academic Degrees

Our experienced team is always ready to support your work towards a degree, such as

  • Bachelor
  • Master

in the following specialties: Biomedical technology, industrial engineering, information systems and related subjects.

Feel free to send speculative applications to:


or to our postal address.


We are always ready to answer your queries on the phone.

Research and Development

Sustainability through research and development

Research is an investment in the future. It adds value to our location and makes the company an attractive employer in a world where expertise is a scarce resource. This is why a large proportion of our capital is reinvested in research into fields relevant to the future.

We are currently focusing on four research areas that are partially funded by the German government. With 50% of our staff having science degrees and many others being highly trained technicians, we look forward to more innovation.

Our know-how is secured by many national and international patents.

If you think we would be a suitable partner for your research project, please get in touch with us.


am Bruckwald in Waldkirch

The sustained and successful development of Dr. Langer Medical GmbH over the past two decades and our team of highly trained and motivated staff inspired us to invest in a new home for our company. There is now ample space for our Research and Development teams, customer service, production and logistics.  We could optimize our workflows so that we will be prepared for the challenges associated with further growth, which lie ahead.

The low-energy building with its light-suffused, air-conditioned work places provides an ideal environment with many meeting areas where employees can come together for quick internal decisions and share creative ideas.

Its inauguration on the 20th anniversary of Dr. Langer Medical was the highlight of the business year 2016.